The Boxall Profile® Online is closely linked to both the Graduated Approach to Nurture and The Six Principles of Nurture. Let's explore these connections in more detail:

The Graduated Approach

Our graduated approach to nurture ensures that every child in the school has the opportunity to flourish in their education. It ensures that every child has access to the support they need, when they need it.

Whether they enter the education system with early childhood trauma, or experience it during their time in education, we work to measure and support the social, emotional and mental health of all children, so no child falls through the cracks.

The Boxall Profile® and Boxall Profile® Online are the first step along the graduated approach to nurture and they provide educators and professionals tools to implement a structured and evidence-based process to provide targeted support for children with social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties. The combination of the assessment tool and the graduated approach helps create a nurturing and supportive environment, ensuring that children's emotional and social well-being is addressed effectively throughout the different levels of support.

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The Six Principles of Nurture

The Boxall Profile® Online aligns closely with the Six Principles of Nurture, which emphasise the importance of emotional well-being, safety, transitions, language, behaviour, and learning. The assessment process offered by the Boxall Profile® Online directly supports the implementation of these principles. Let’s explore how:

Assessment and Understanding: The Boxall Profile® Online is used as an assessment tool to understand each child's emotional well-being, social functioning, and communication abilities. This information helps educators and professionals gain insight into the child's specific needs and developmental stage, aligning with the first principle of nurture, which emphasises understanding a child's developmental level.

Creating a Safe Base: Once the assessment is complete, educators can use the information to create a safe and supportive environment in the classroom or group setting. The data from the Boxall Profile® Online may identify specific areas where a child may need additional support, and the nurturing approach ensures that the environment is tailored to meet those needs, providing a safe base for the child.

Promoting Wellbeing through Nurturing: The Six Principles of Nurture highlight the significance of nurturing experiences for a child's wellbeing. Educators can use the insights from the Boxall Profile® Online to identify areas where a child may benefit from extra emotional support, positive relationships, and care to promote their overall wellbeing.

Communication and Language: The assessment may also provide information on a child's communication skills. The nurturing approach acknowledges the importance of language as a vital means of communication. Educators can focus on helping children express their feelings effectively and provide the language tools they need to communicate their emotions.

Understanding Behaviour as Communication: The Boxall Profile® Online may shed light on certain behaviours exhibited by a child. The nurturing principles stress that all behaviour is communication, and educators can use this understanding to respond empathetically to underlying emotions that may be influencing a child's actions.

Supporting Transitions: The assessment can be helpful in identifying any challenges a child may face during transitions. By understanding the child's emotional needs and areas of vulnerability, educators can provide targeted support during times of change, aligning with the sixth principle of nurturing.

In summary, the Boxall Profile® Online works in synergy with The Six Principles of Nurture to create a holistic approach to support children's emotional and social development. The assessment provides valuable data for understanding the child's needs, strengths, and challenges, while the nurturing principles offer a framework for creating a nurturing and supportive environment that addresses those needs. This combined approach can help children flourish emotionally, socially, and academically, particularly those who have experienced adverse experiences or challenging backgrounds. 

By linking the Boxall Profile® Online to the Graduated Approach and the Six Principles, educators can leverage its assessment capabilities to inform decision-making, tailor interventions, and create a nurturing educational environment that addresses students' unique needs at each stage of the graduated approach.

The Boxall Profile® Online provides a comprehensive assessment framework that helps you tailor support strategies and promote holistic development. Sign up for the Boxall Profile® Online and take a significant step towards creating a positive impact on their lives, enhancing student well-being and unlocking their full potential.