As part of our continuous commitment to improvement we have simplified our subscription options to align with both primary and secondary educational phases and now offer enhanced packages that include the Theory and Practice of the Boxall Profile®.

To improve the effectiveness and impact of the Boxall Profile® Online we highly recommend that members of a school team complete the online course and at least one member attend the one day theory & practice course.

What is a PRO Subscription?

A Primary or Secondary Pro Subscription is an annual subscription that includes access for members of a schools team to the Introduction to the Boxall Profile® course and access for one delegate on our Theory and Practice of the Boxall Profile® one day course.

In addition to taking a practical look at the Boxall Profile®, the training will also explore some of the :-

  • Key concepts 
  • Principles underpinning its approach to ensure that you understand Boxall Profile® scores in a meaningful way. 

You can view our subscriptions here.

We will continue to work hard to improve the Boxall Profile® Online and look forward to sharing those updates with you soon on our What's New blog series.