Assess and support the emotional & behavioural development of all pupils aged 4-18

An evidence based tool supporting a whole school approach to assessing and addressing children and young people’s social, emotional and behavioural development to positively impact learning, behaviour, attendance and wellbeing.

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We help to unlock pupils’ potential, by removing barriers to learning. In the last two years we’ve reached:


children and young people


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The Boxall Profile® helps with

Early identification and

Supporting staff to develop their observational skills and their understanding of children and young people's difficulties.

Target setting
and intervention

Setting individualised, group and class, achievable targets that reinforce target behaviour and skills.


Helping staff review children and young people's target behaviour.

Loved by industry leaders

"I wish it could have been delivered to our whole school. A well thought out assessment and support tool for all children and for teachers."

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Theory and Practice of the Boxall Profile® Course Delegate

“The Boxall gives you ownership, you can unpick the child’s behaviour and put strategies in place in class. It improves your understanding and your relationship with the child.”

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Primary Teacher

“You do a Boxall Profile and realise that there is so much more you need to work on, it’s crazy you think you know your children, then you complete a profile and realise how much more there is to learn about them.”

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“This year was my first time doing Boxalls and I found it incredibly insightful. I found that it made me think more deeply about individuals and the results were interesting. For some children, choosing an answer was immediate, for others it took a little bit of thinking time. Conversations after the completion of the Boxalls were helpful and allowed me to understand why children are the way they are and what we can do to support them best. I was initially worried about doing the Boxalls as it was my first time, but I enjoyed the process and found the questions clear and understandable. I feel that I have a better understanding of how to support my pupils with their social and emotional wellbeing.”

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Tiffany Dunworth

Teacher at Laurance Haines School

"The Boxall Profile helped us gain a positive language. To identify where a child is in different areas in their development... It helped staff to look more perceptively, to think where does this behaviour come from?"

Primary School Headteacher

"When we [assessed] the whole school, there were children that were highlighted that… we’d never done any work with because they present as quiet and calm within school. But actually, they had more of a deep-rooted problem."

Primary School Teacher


Latest News, Evidence & Impact

The Boxall Profile® Online Summer 2024 Update

After listening to user feedback we have been working hard over the spring to update the Boxall Profile® Online and we’re excited to share these updates with you.

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The Boxall Profile® Online is now on the DfE funded mental health resource hub

We are a proud contributor of tools and resources to the DfE funded mental health lead resource hub.

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nurtureuk and the Boxall Profile® Online at the Education Resource Awards 2024

What a great evening at the 2024 Education Resource Awards last night, celebrating and highlighting the quality and diversity of educational products and resources.

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Evidence & Impact

Analysis of the Boxall Profile® data gathered by BCP primary schools during the academic year 2017/18 revealed high levels of SEMH needs in schools that
assessed the whole school or whole-year groups of children.